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Brent Elementary Policies


Brent participates in the DCPS early childhood and out-of-boundary lottery system to allocate available preschool and prekindergarten spots as well as for out-of-boundary new students.

Preference for Early Childhood and Out-of-Boundary LotteryIn Bounds with siblingsIn Bounds no siblingsOut of Bounds with siblingsOut of Bounds no siblings but lives with proximity to school (i.e. within 3* blocks)Out of Bounds no siblings and without proximity to school

All returning Brent students in all grades will receive placement for the next academic year and need NOT apply through the lottery.


It is the goal to ensure that every student achieves academic success by being present at school every day and on time. Students who have regular school attendance learn more and are more successful in school. DCPS has shifted focus from monitoring only unexcused absences to all absences by tracking In-Seat Attendance (ISA).

Some absences are unavoidable, but when children are frequently absent– excused or unexcused – they can fall behind.

When your child is absent from school, please provide a written note to the front office or email Denise Diggs.

School Schedule

The school day officially begins at 8:45 am.  The first bell is at 8:35, signaling that it’s time to line up, followed by the second bell at 8:45 am.  Students should line up in their assigned spots on the playground/blacktop (look for the numbers corresponding to the student’s classroom).

Recess will take place outdoors each day, unless the temperature is below freezing or the heat index is above 95°.

The school day ends at 3:15 pm. Parents/caregivers of Early Childhood students should pick up their children in the classroom. Parents/caregivers of K-5 students should pick up their children at their assigned location on the playground/blacktop (same as line up). Students attending aftercare will be escorted there by their teachers or picked up at their classrooms.

These are just a couple of our policies. Click the link to browse all policies.
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Parent Teacher Association

​The mission of the PTA is to foster connections between parents, enable parents to be of service to the school and build a community of parents, staff and administration committed to ensuring that Brent Elementary is a world high achieving educational environment for addressing the learning challenges of all students. We hope that you will help us facilitate our mission with your involvement. There are many volunteer opportunities available throughout the school year to suit many schedules and skill sets.

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